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Mumbai Event: PARENTING… Using the Wisdom of the Chakras to create the best for our children

27th May 2018

Welcome to a one day seminar on understanding parenting from the Wisdom of the Sacred Chakras!
The Seven Chakras are energy matrices in our body which hold the patterns, conditioning and beliefs from which reference we play out our lives.
Join us as we de-mystify these powerful energy voices within us and understand how we can provide a clear, nurturing and supportive space where our children can evolve into the Divine beings they are meant to be.

We will:
1. Understand the way Chakras work
2. What are the ways we can clear the Chakras for our children
3. How can we guide them towards their best destiny
4. How can everyday living and building their body with the right food habits make them balanced energy bodies

Fee: Rs.2500 per parent & child. In case both parents are attending, the fee will be Rs.4000 for parents and children.

(We look forward to your bringing your children to the workshop from 4 PM (Tea time)