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Mumbai Event: Motley’s GADHHA AUR GADDHA

18th August 2018

Motley’s new production in their storytelling on stage series is a tribute to master satirist Krishan Chander. The play consists of selections from his celebrated works – Hindi ka Naya Qaida, Ek Gadhe ki Aatmakatha and his famous short story Gaddha (The Hole). Highly popular for many decades among Hindi readers from the 40s, Krishan Chander’s short stories invariably highlighted the plight of the common man in his struggle to survive. His puckish humour is highly reminiscent of the celebrated R.K. Laxman and his Autobiography of a Donkey and its sequels were huge best sellers in their time. Somewhat ignored now, this production is a tribute to him and an attempt to revive interest in one of India’s first Urdu Satirists.