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Mumbai Event: ”Local Foreigner”

21st May 2018

A solo act, depicting the plight of Sanatombi, a North Eastern Indian girl, who is often mistaken and treated as a foreigner in her own country. Sanatombi, a girl from Imphal, Manipur, is in Delhi, having received a scholarship from the culture ministry to learn Kathak. After her first day at the dance school, she is back at the house where she lives as a paying guest. Her mother, a veteran Manipuri dancer, calls from Imphal to ask about the class. ‘I dont know whether it was a good decision to come here,’ Sanatombi says. ‘The first question everyone asks me is: Kahaan se aayi ho? When I say I am from Imphal in Manipur, they ask ‘Chinese ho? (Are you Chinese?) You do not look Indian.’ They told me that I should not learn Kathak; that there was no future for me in Kathak. ‘Sanatombi’s experience, lived through by many Indians from the country’s north-east, is shared by Molina. ‘We are Indians, but we are still struggling to be accepted. The identity crisis is so much, it hurts you psychologically,’ said Molina. ‘How do you feel if you are not accepted in your home? It is a constant struggle to be Indian.’

The play received a standing ovation from the audience. ‘I liked the simple way in which the play delivered the message that people from the North-East are Indian and they are badly treated in other parts of the country,’ said Rajarshi Banerjee, a theatre Director who attended the show.
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