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Mumbai Event: Kshitij’s Kids Club Fun Day

23rd February 2018

Kids Club 2015 – 2016 is here with its all new design, destinations and of course a lot of exciting things to do!

This club will be a perfect blend of Nature, Adventure, Exploration and Fun. A stress buster day for your kids, amidst the heavy packed school months, we begin our Kids Club 2015 – 2016 with a day full of games with some splash in the waters to cool down the summer heat.

The day will highlight :

1. Water Fun at a resort near Karjat

2. Co-operative Games : These are non competitive and non violent games , thus enabling kids to interact with new friends without any hesitance and enjoy the universal language of laughter and friendship.

3. Team Bonding Games: These games enable the kids to gather and learn, dissolve differences, overcome apprehensions,forget fear and fury and find constructive ways to resolve conflicts.

A Great experiential day awaits your child this July!

Do not miss this one!