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Mumbai Event: Karnala-A Complete Culture & Outdoor kick!

18th March 2018

Karnala-A Complete Culture & Outdoor kick!

Miraaya’s Outdoors Club (MoC) Camp 3 and we have some fab-u-lous activities lined up!!! Pottery – as rustic as it gets… carpentry… cooking with the villagers in their very own kitchen!!!  Walk up the hill, picnic baskets, and a fabulous surprise. A COMPLETE CULTURE & OUTDOORS kick!
Super duper exciting!

What memories are you creating for your children? Just studies? School? Malls? Or something beyond? For a breath of fresh air… for a breath of love and learning and laughing – gift your children with MoC (Miraaya’s Outdoors Camp) – One Saturday a month – let your children know that they are beyond confines, and pollution, and structure and rules. One Saturday a month – LET THEM BE. BACK 2 THE ROOTS. Very few seats left!