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Mumbai Event: Hoshruba Repertory’s CHINESE COFFEE

21st July 2018

Chinese Coffee is a one-act play, a dark, claustrophobic comedy about friendship and the loss of it. Harry and Yaqub are two friends and failed artists. Harry is an obscure novelist, and has written a third novel now. He has given the manuscript to Yaqub for his feedback. Yaqub a brilliant writer, wrote two critically acclaimed short stories when 19, but now a photographer, lives modestly. Meanwhile, few months back Yaqub took a loan from Harry but had not returned it till date. On this particular night, Harry broke, thrown out from his job at a chic French restaurant, decides to pay a visit to Jake to recover his money. But Harry is also keen on Yaqub’s views on his new novel. As the evening unfurls, it turns out that Yaqub has read the novel but pretends he hasn’t. And then tumbles out friendship, love, hatred, rivalry, jealousy, angst, broken affairs, everything the two friends have shared till date. The play is Ira Lewis’s tour de force and was successfully adapted into a movie by Al Pacino in 2000 with a similar title.
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