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Mumbai event: Facts Holmes For The Holidays At Andheri

23rd April 2018
  • At FACTS we are dedicated to making forensics fun for the children.The science will be taught through fun methods of art n craft, cooking, treasure hunts, dramatics and debates. The idea is for the students to learn about forensics in a stimulating enjoyable environment, while simultaneously understanding the serious nature and capabilities of the science in solving crime.
    These workshops are aimed to increase your child’s observation power, logical thinking and ablitiy to solve problems.
    All the material used for teaching will be child friendly, and the mock crime scene activities will be designed with age appropriate material, ensuring there is no violent or graphic content at all.
  • Mission
    FACTS (Forensic Advice Consultancy & Training Services) offers quality forensics in the private domain.
    As part of our efforts to reach out to the community, we offer several forms of formal & informal forensic education to children of all ages.
    We have designed Crime Scene Investigation Workshops to sharpen a child’s skills such as observation power, logical thinking and ablitiy to solve problems.

Be Sherlock for a week!!!!

Crack the clues … Solve the case.

Who dunnit????

Find fingerprints

Analyze bitemarks

Examine hair evidence and solve the mock crime scene

Weekday and Weekend Morning and Evening batches.