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Mumbai Event: Book Launch: The Less Liked Lovables

19th April 2018

Book Launch: The Less Liked Lovables

Humans have, from time immemorial, believed in myths and misbeliefs about some animals.  Bats are supposed to be ‘spooky’; owls are associated with witchcraft; by touching frogs and toads, it is believed, one can get warts; hyenas are looked upon with disfavour and are considered as ugly and filthy.

This book, however, endeavours through its stories, to convince the reader that all creatures in their own way could be lovable and have their own role to play in nature’s scheme of things, in the intricate web of life.

The Less Liked Lovables, with its intriguing short stories, will engross children and adults alike. We would be delighted to have you at the event.