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Mumbai Event: A Fairytale of Rapunzel

18th March 2018

A Fairy Tale of RAPUNZEL is an English musical drama in a sing song dialogue form with comedy and action.

Rapunzel is a daughter of a peasant who is gifted with a magical long blond hair. A Witch named Gothel steals Rapunzel from her parents and locks her in a tower without any stairs or door. She brings her up like her own child and Rapunzel believes she is her mother. Rapunzel feels lonely and wishes to be free but the fear of outside world created by Gothel makes her confined only to the walls of the towers until one day a prince finds her, falls in love and is about to rescues her, when Gothel appears and you all very well know that no one can underestimate the powers of a witch.

What will happen to Rapunzel now?
Will she be able to get out of the claws of the wicked witch?
Will she ever get to meet her parents ?
Will she be able to marry the prince?

To know more and enjoy the sing song form of a fairy tale, come watch A FAIRY TALE OF RAPUNZEL.
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