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Mumbai Event: Dandiya Making/Playing Workshop

26th May 2018

Dandiya Making/Playing Workshop

The Lion House is a concept based learning for kids . We believe in creating an experience for the child. Any Activity or Sessions that we have has an aim to create that learning feeling in child. Most of Our Artworks prepared by Children are useable / wearable; this gives him the feeling of confidence that he has actually made something really great and world of joy for parents who use them as it was made by their child. We believe in covering up all the questions asked by kids during a session for eg: “why we need to paint the Sun Yellow , Can I do it in Blue colour because its my favourite” . Our Answer to a question like this will include a) The correction of the language, b) telling him why the sun looks yellow and different shades of sun at different times, c) appreciation of his creativity and new thoughts for the object. We believe in Holistic Learning. We want to kids to learn and remember the whole session as an life time experience. The whole idea is that we reach out to kids rather than they coming to us. We work on the scheme called “Your Home, Your Workshop”.

This Navratri we planned to help children make their own Dandiyas and also play with them with their mothers. We have planned a workshop at , Nahar Amrut Shakti for age groups of 3yrs – 10 yrs (Two batches, same time) for “ Dandiya Making and Playing “.  It’s a One session workshop. We have many more such workshops to come up at different locations all over Mumbai.