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Mind Avengers Social Skills Development Group 2 Day Workshop SELF-IMPROVEMENT

28th May 2016
9:00 AM

The Hive: Khar (W),
50-A, Huma Mansion, Next to Ahmed Bakery, Chuim Village Road, Off Union Park, (Khar West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052, India

ARTISTSGitanjali Palekar, Hemangi Vyawahare
Mind and Me presents Social Skills development groups for children age 6-10. Social skills development groups work on a peer learning model, where 4-10 children of different emotional make up come together. Here they understand their emotional challenges, develop solutions to overcome these challenges, and achieve overall well-being. These skills are achieved through fun activities and interactive play which are based on psychotherapeutic techniques.
Research says that if a child learns to manage personal feelings, understand other’s feelings, needs, and interacts positively with others they will develop a strong foundation for later development.
Social skills group coaches children on how to interact appropriately with others. It helps children learn conversational, interactive, and problem solving skills. It is further helpful in learning how to control emotions and understand other peoples’ perspective
The Peer groups are most helpful, for example, for a child who has trouble starting a conversation or keeping one going, or not understanding body language.
Parent will received a handout stating the social and cognitive goals addressed during the workshop. They will also receive a progress feedback report.