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Hyderabad Event: Bucket Nimajjan Campaign 2015

25th June 2018

Bucket Nimajjan Campaign 2015

BUCKET NIMAJJAN CAMPAIGN addresses the small Ganapati idols from households. In Hyderabad alone there are approximately 75lakh households which send their small idols to the bigger pandals after puja , which are later immersed in lakes along with the bigger idols. Though the Idols are deceptively small the staggering numbers make the quantum huge.
In the wake of environmental impact we urge people to take up Bucket nimajjan at their own homes and apartments.
The clay idols can be immersed in a clean bucket of water instead of sending them to dirty or clean water bodies. The water and dissolved mud can be later reused for the plants .
This practice is being followed by many at a personal level for many years . This campaign now tries to Unite all those who support and practice.
BUCKET NIMAJJAN CAMPAIGN 2015 is aiming to take the practice to a community level. We invite people and residential associations to participate in bucket nimajjan in groups to give it a festive spirit.

The promoter and the ambassador for the campaign Ms Jhansi a popular Telugu anchor and activist will visit a few groups to encourage the practice. Request your support for the campaign.

Date- 19th September 2015
Time- 7.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Entry Free