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GROWING UP – An Anju Kish Production

19th August 2018

The play ‘GROWING UP’ is a sensitive take on several seemingly trivial challenges faced by growing children as they hit puberty.

Characters in the play are a group of growing children hitting teenage and the play delves into their minds as they cope with puberty issues with several changes happening in the mind and body at this age. The vulnerability that children go through at this stage with embarrassing bodily changes, raging hormones and the emotional upheaval are dealt with in the play in a very factual, yet fun way.

The play manages a terrific connect with the target audience and passes a very positive message towards puberty. While being focused on a sensitive theme like this, the play manages to bring the house down every now and then with bits of good humour. Most importantly it opens the way for parents to communicate with their growing children on touchy issues related to puberty.

Make sure you watch the show together with your teens and pave the way for healthy interchange of views on pertinent puberty related issues stirring their lives.