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FRIENDS: Convention for Children & Teenagers who Stammer

20th June 2018

The Indian Stammer Association, an NGO that works for the cause of stammering among children, is organizing a convention called FRIENDS : Convention for Children & Teenagers who Stammer, at Somaiya School.This event is the first of its kind, with workshops and talks aimed at boosting the morale of children who stutter.
Participants can include children or teenagers who stammer, their parents, siblings, teachers and also speech therapists. The foundation is looking forward to participation from the whole family of these children as they have a huge role in helping thee children help themselves.
The workshop is designed to be FUN, participatory and experiential. Everyone will get a chance to speak, meet people with similar difficulty and listen to first-hand experiences on the way tackle the issue.
Lunch and snacks are also being provided on both the days.