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Drona Aviation – Learn and Build Drones TECHNOLOGY ENGLISH 9 HRS

29th May 2016
12th June 2016
9:30 AM on 29th May, 5th June, and 12th June

Drona Aviation Pvt. Ltd: Mumbai,
CM 13, SINE CSRE Building, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076, India

Artists: Prasanna Shevare, Dinesh Sain, Apurva Godbole
They are a team of IIT Bombay researchers and alumni working in the field of aeromodelling and drones. A one day workshop to familiarize the participants with drones, teach them basics and intricacies of a quadrotor, enable them to build a quadrotor themselves and experience the pleasure of flying self built drone. What it is about?Quadrotor (Quad) is a rotorcraft lifted and propelled by four rotors.
What will students learn from workshop?
– Principles of operation of multirotors
– Handson experience with building aerial vehicles
– Flying selfbuilt UAVs
– Troubleshooting

Course Structure and Topics covered
– Introduction of Rotary wing aircrafts and principles of flight
– Overview of Quad components
– Design and fabrication of Quad
– Quad Calibration and Testing
– Principles of Quad flying

Features of Pluto
– Palm-sized Quadrotor
– Controlled by Android App
– Indoor / Outdoor flyable
– Safe and easy to fly
– USB rechargeable battery
– Programmable

Specifications of Pluto
– Dimensions: 8.5 X 8.5 cm
– Flight Time: 7+ mins
– Range: 120m max