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Delhi Event: Traffic Jam – Light Hearted Play with Music

23rd May 2018

Merry Go Round Entertainment Presents “Traffic Jam – a Honk Free entertaining experience”, for the entire family which will make you think and present a side that ‘Yes there can be a fun-side to it also.

At times simplest of things can become a battle. Some because of the inherent nature of the event/chore and some because of the human behavior. One such animal which is always a potential irritant to bring out the frustration and the fighting best in us is TRAFFIC. Traffic Jam, a usual, and quite often patience testing scene on the roads of Delhi.

With some hummable tunes, innovative formations and renditions Traffic Jam, the play, unfolds the nitty-gritty of the psyche of not only the humans, but also some divine powers, car parts & accessories & technology trapped in it.

It majorly revolves around two fathers with 2 kids each of same age stuck in a traffic jam. While one family enjoys the other.