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Delhi Event: Theatre for Children

18th March 2018

Theatre for Children

“Theater for children” a workshops by Sukhesh Arora.
Synopsis: Making it! is an unique and engaging workshop designed to introduce children to the process of making and performing theater. Starting from scratch, the workshop aims to take children on a journey to make something from nothing. Nothing is seen as an empty, perhaps scary place; in theater it is a place filled with immense possibilities. Children begin by exploring these possibilities starting from their own experiences, expressing and articulating them through a range of theater exercises. More possibilities are explored through stories; we look at what makes good stories, the kinds of stories that excite us, and the kinds of stories we want to tell. An attitude of playfulness is essential to any kind of making and games of various kinds underpin this process of playmaking. The workshop emphasizes the journey and aims to expose children to playful and artful ways of making and telling stories. In addition to theater games, exercises and improvisation, children will also write stories and create their own short playscripts. Since the last two years, photography has become an integral part of Yellowcat’s workshop. a mini-workshop on photographs and stories is also part of the Making it! workshop. The journey comes to a rest with the participants sharing the something they have created from nothing on the last day of the workshop.

The workshop will be facilitated by Sukhesh Arora of Yellowcat Theater which is an independent company of artists/educators who use playful means to get children and young people to question their perspectives of the people and the world around them.