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Delhi Event: The Indian Science Festival

19th April 2018

The Indian Science Festival

The Indian Science Festival is back. A chance to meet science outside of textbooks in a fun, engaging way. Workshops on Robotics, Aero Modeling, Mobile Gaming. Science shows explaining various science concepts in a fun and dramatic way.
Fee :
Rs 300 for Adult
Rs 500 for Children
Rs 300 for Hands on zone

Children must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket at all times


1. For 5 – 8 years old
Bubble mania: A sensational world of soap bubbles to teach your kids the properties of soap and bubbles!
Stomp Rocketry: Let the magic of air make your own hand made paper rockets fly away.
Terra Magneta: Electromagnetic gun is the new fishing rod to hunt for iron objects.
Know your planets: Understand the features of various planets.

2. For 9 – 14 years old
Chemical Lab: Become a Little Scientist and perform crazy reactions and explosions in your Chemistry Lab!
Light Show: From the invisible to the eye to places far beyond, discover the power that light gives us to explore the minute and the infinite.
Hydrorocketry: Water is essence of life, use this water to give life to your rockets and see them soar high in the sky.
Mission to Mars: Become a mission specialist and learn how missions are operated on Mars!
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