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Delhi Event: Pierrot’s Troupe presents Marx My Word

26th May 2018

Director:Tom Alter

Writer:Ather Farouqui

Artists:Vivek Tandon, Tom Alter, Chandar Khanna, Kirti Kulhari, Saahil Sehgal, Salim Javed, Adeya Partha, Anooyj Krishnan, Akshay Maurya, Marianne Borgo

Marx My Word is Pierrot’s Troupe’s latest play. It is set in 1980 – Rajiv Gandhi has just decided to enter politics after the death of his brother, Sanjay – a turning point not only in Indian politics, but in Indian history itself. In England, a diverse group of Indian graduate students, along with their English Professor and a European woman student, who both feel very strongly about India, meet to discuss and dissect the future of our country – to make their separate and passionate claims on the vision of what India should and will become – truly.

Marx My Word is a searing and witty look not at ancient Indian history, but the history of today’s India: What happens to those people, and their visions, their passions? Do they have the inner strength to remain true to them?

Succinctly speaking, Marx My Word is a play with history, a play of history – today’s history.

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