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Delhi Event: f – Dazzle Kids

20th June 2018

Each child comes with a package of in-born and natural qualities which have to be recognized and inspired to be pursued. We give you one such platform which will provide motivation and happiness of powerful performance of that inherent talent. The kids are free to display whatever they are good at whether it is modeling, singing, dancing and stunts, acting and mimicry, instruments. It definitely gives a great feeling when you see your child perform in front of you but it’s a whole lot heavenly feeling when you see your ‘little one’ DAZZLE in front of the world.

Dear Parents, you were always craving for such a platform which cares for your children and believes in them and their quality. Children will be judged on the basis of their talent, IQ level, confidence & attitude and grooming and body language. Renowned directors, producers, choreographers, dancers and singers will identify the best in your child. Also note that there will be 3 rounds in all, the first one being on 21st June 2015.