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Delhi Event: A Journey to Space- Interactive session

21st May 2018

A Journey to Space- Interactive session

British Council and Siyahi invite you to spend an evening with Lucy Hawking as she breaks down science to children through a simple art form.
In 2007 Lucy Hawking co-authored with her father Stephen Hawking George’s Secret Key to the Universe, an adventure story about a little boy called George who finds a way to slip through a computer-generated portal and travel around the solar system. She went on to write three more books in the series, which present complex concepts of space, physics and time through dramatic storytelling, making science accessible and enjoyable to a young readership.
Lucy Hawking is an author and the original creator of the George Greenby books, a series of adventure stories which aim to explain complex science to a young audience through dramatic storytelling. Lucy works with a range of distinguished scientists on the George Greenby series, including her very well-known father, Stephen Hawking. Lucy spent a year as Distinguished Writer in residence at the Origins Project, ASU where she was also Visiting International Scholar at the Institute of Humanities Research. She is also a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in recognition of the work she has done in explaining science to a young audience.
Anushka Ravishankar, a mathematics graduate, has made a name for herself internationally as an Indian children’s writer, with over 10 books of verse, fiction and non-fiction. Her special talent is in the area of nonsense verse, where she brilliantly adapts this difficult genre to Indian English usage, without a false note. Anushka Ravishankar can be said to have pioneered the Indian English nonsense verse form and brought it to international attention. She recently returned from a UK tour with Children’s Laureate, Michael Rosen, at the Children’s Bookshow.

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