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Con Brio 2016: Prelude & Fugue – A Whole Lot of Preludes & Fugues FESTIVAL WESTERN CLASSICAL OTHERS 2 HRS

20th August 2016
7:00 pm
Rs.300 to Rs.500
Age Group:

Experimental Theatre: NCPA,
Nariman Point, NCPA Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021, India

Con Brio 2016, titled ‘Prelude and Fugue’, will celebrate three centuries of this form and the composers associated with it. Preludes, originally intended to be introductions to something more substantial, came to eventually become standalone works. They are characterized by formal simplicity, compactness and a sense of freedom. Fugues, on the other hand, are complex in almost every way with multiple simultaneous melodic lines and replete with ideas and interactions between the various voices. Johann Sebastian Bach features heavily at this year’s festival as he is the pioneer of the prelude and fugue as a genre with his Well-Tempered Clavier Books being, in Robert Schumann’s words, the bread and butter of pianists.

Con Brio 2013 winner Priya Fernandes will perform Piazzolla’s Fuga y misterio for 2 pianos with Mark Troop, while Con Brio 2011 winner Neville Bharucha will play the fourth movement of Schumann’s Piano Quintet in an arrangement for 2 pianos 8 hands. Patricia Rozario will perform Bachs delightful Wedding Cantata. Mark Troop and Marialena Fernandes, along with a bunch of young Indian musicians, will take us on a whirlwind tour of Preludes and Fugues in all kinds of arrangements. Finally, the Paranjoti Academy Chorus will sing a movement from Brahms’s German Requiem, which starts off with a very dramatic introductory section and ends with an epic double fugue.

This is a NCPA presentation and is going to be a wonderful experience.