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Chuski Natak ki – Dance Like A Man DRAMA STORYTELLING ENGLISH 1 HR 30 MINS

12th June 2016
6:30 PM
Rs. 150
Age Group:

Lahe Lahe: Bengaluru,
No.2906 and 2907, 80 Feet Road Kodihalli, Hal Stage 2 , Near Golden Daffodils, Bengaluru, Karnataka 5602038, India

DIRECTORSarbajeet Das
ARTISTSChampa Saha, Apoorva Bhandari, Archana Nair, Hari Prasath, Utkarsh Gaharwar, Devashish Singbal
The story of Jairaj and Ratna, two Bharat Natyam dancers past their prime, is contrasted with that of their daughter Lata, who is on the brink of establishing herself as a brilliant dancer. Her imminent success creates tension and jealousy, and the audience is drawn into the dark secrets of family relationships and conflicts between generations. The play probes the surface of the characters to question their deeper motivations, but the mode is comic rather than tragic, even though the concerns are serious, and you are never sure whether to laugh or cry.

‘Chuski Natak Ki’ is an event conducted by ‘Theatre On Your Own’ and they plan to read all classic plays in a dramatic manner, discuss about the work of the renowned playwrights, figure out the craft used in the great plays. It all happens over a chuski of tea and some snacks.