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Chennai Event: The smell workshop for children

26th May 2018

The smell workshop for children

Forum is delighted to present Independent Perfumer and Researcher Monika Ghurde’s Children’s workshop.

After a successful Smell Workshops with children and adults in Goa, Monika Ghurde (former resident of Chennai) brings her workshops at Forum Art Gallery.
‘The smell workshop for children’ by Monika Ghurde is for the age group – 8 to 12 years  from 10:30 – 12:30 & 3:00 – 5:00 pm at Forum Art Gallery

This Smell workshop at Forum is designed to educate children to subconsciously start focusing on what they are smelling. This workshop will make them aware and alert to their surroundings and enrich their everyday life and experiences. This is an extension of the workshop last conducted at the Sunaparanta Art Centre in Goa and earlier at The Tinguely Museum, Basel as part of ‘Belle Haleine’ – Interdisciplinary Symposium on the sense of smell curated by Sissel Tolaas.
Limited seats!
To register, call or email.