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Chennai Event: Sing Along – The Kids’ Show

20th June 2018

Several years ago, 2 ladies, one a storyteller and a Globe trotter with a penchant for music gravitated towards each other because of one common huge passion: CHILDREN. So, they put their acts together along with a group of like-minded people and conceived a show that not only entertained but also imparted good values to its audience. Sing Along – a show for kids was an evening that most kids looked forward to year after year. Premiered in 1994 at the Music Academy and now with over 100 shows behind them, enthralling audiences in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai, Sing Along is now an institution. 90 minutes of action-packed entertainment ranging from stories and rhymes sung to popular tunes involving the audience to participate and interact with the performers on stage
Jeeva Raghunath is an internationally acclaimed story teller, author and performer specializing in children’s shows. She regularly performs in India and abroad and is a wonderful and lively entertainer.

Krishna Iyer is a music teacher with the Trinity College of Music Guild Hall, London. She has been producing children’s shows since 1993 and has traveled to many cities in India to perform.

The live band consisting of Gerard Joseph, Nelson Samuel, Anish Chacko, Jude Rodgers and Immanuel Theophles will provide excellent support to the stage players. This is a very well-known band that plays for Rewind, JFK and other gigs.

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