Events & Activities

Chennai Event: Drawing Competition

21st May 2018

Theme: I Love India


1. Bloomers
Date: Aug 8th
Time: 3pm to 4pm, 4pm to 5pm
Things to do : Kids need to color the picture that is given

2. Sub Juniors
Date: Aug 8th
Time: 5pm to 6pm, 6pm to 7pm
Things to do : Participants to draw pictures showing India’s natural scenic beauty. Can also draw Indian animals, birds etc

3. Juniors:
Date: Aug 9th
Time: 10am to 12noon
Things to do: Draw a traditional Indian figure and color it. Participants to draw a picture of any Indian historic or person from the epics with the value that person stood for. Eg: Rama –obeying parents, Harichandra – telling the truth etc

4. Seniors
Date: Aug 9th
Time:12noon to 2pm
Things to do: Draw a picture of how they visualize India in the year 2030.

Registration fees for all categories: Rs. 50 each

Those who wants to register should send the name of the child, Class, name of the School, Parent’s name and contact email id and mobile number through an SMS or to They will receive a confirmation and a registration number through SMS. This SMS needs to be produced at the time of the competition.
A detailed email should be sent with all particulars to the mail id provided.