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21st May 2016
22nd May 2016
9 AM

Sahasra Shree Tech Park: Bengaluru,
Near Vydehi Hospital, EPIP Main Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, India

ARTISTSChandrika Anil
Every child is unique and gifted in a different way. This workshop is spanned across two days, with an intention to help parents identify their kid’s innate potential and empower them to realize their dreams. In this workshop, children will play mind games and activities which, based on multiple intelligence parameters, will map with their competencies. This gives a powerful insight into their individual strengths and a list of domains that match those skills. This workshop is for students of the age group 9 – 16.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1
– Icebreaker session
– Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis.
– Interactive activities based on 6 key success abilities Part 1 (Self Awareness, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Creative thinking, Decision Making Activities and Problem Solving Activities).
– 2 Mind Games (Brain Exercises and Memory Techniques).

Day 2
– Result Sharing of Day 1 Analysis with Parents with focus on Parent Child Interaction.
– Interactive activities based on 4 key success abilities Part 2 (Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Coping with Stress and Coping with Emotion).
– 2 Mind Games.
– Session on ‘Visualization of your day for success’ and Meditation Session.
– Recap of the entire session with the kids and giving them tips on how to use it in their day to day lives.
– Result Sharing of MI Analysis with parents with focus on Career.

Key Takeaways
The workshop will provide the tools and techniques to empower or prepare children to face future life challenges better. The child would learn to understand feelings better and learn to label them early in life, this itself sets the ground for self-awareness, as it will help them in understanding themselves and others better, teaching them how to empathize.

The parent would understand the child’s Inherent talents thereby helping them decide their child’s career. The parent-child relationship will also improve.

Who Should Attend:

– At times do you feel that some behaviors of your child are different and wonder how to interpret it?
– Are you a parent who is keen on identifying and choosing the right career/study stream for your kid based on his/her inner abilities?
– As a parent do you think that skills like communication, persistence and other life skills are as important for the success of your child as his education?

If any of the above questions strike a chord with you, do attend the workshop.

Testimonials for the facilitator Chandrika Anil

The Interactive Sessions on Effective Parenting Conducted by Ms. Chandrika at Bachpan Play School Kalyan Nagar were well accepted and appreciated by all the parents. We got very good and positive feedback from the parents. It was a very informative and interesting session. We look forward to more such sessions from her.
Farheen Shadab (Director – Bachpan Kalyan Nagar Branch).

Regarding the Parenting session by Chandrika Anil, this was superb awesome, no words will be sufficient to describe.
This session was really an eyeopener for trying to make us how to be a ‘Good Parent’ and also improve with what we are in the current position.
This kind of session should be conducted every now and then which will help in grooming better citizen for future.

Vijay (One of the Parents after the session).