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Bangalore Events: The Phoenix Players’ SHAKESPEAREWALLAH

18th March 2018

An old actor – Clown reminisces about life & art after his swan song. In this show after the last show, an inspired performance of a lifetime unfolds unwittingly before an empty auditorium. Interspersed are characters from the Bard of Avon’s genius, echoing the creative truth behind the artistic impulse. This solo performance begs the basic question: ”When does life end & where does art begin?”
”SHAKESPEAREWALLAH is a tribute to the genius of Salim Ghouse. A performance that any Shakespeare lover or anyone interested in aesthetics, ethics, epistemology, logic and metaphysics, should not be missing. The piece itself is delivered with true emotion and deep reflection which instill a feeling of tranquility and great understanding… As you leave you can’t help but be affected by the impact of this piece.” – Sandy Holt (Editor – Stratford Herald)

”A one man virtuoso piece written and performed by Salim Ghouse… Words can’t express the magic that this man conjured up A brilliant and fitting tribute to Shakespeare.” – Frank Bramwell (Writer/Theatre Maker)

”Just watched the incredible SHAKESPEAREWALLAH… You must see it Truly inspiring Salim Ghouse!” – Ingrid Stevens (Poet/Translator)