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Bangalore Event: Young Photographer Wildlife Camp – KIDS CAMP

23rd February 2018

Wouldn’t you like your child to discover how it is to gaze at a star-studded sky?
Or plunge into the depths of a forest’s silence, be lulled into sleep by bird-calls and awake to the sparkling freshness of the dew on fragrant flowers? And then come back and show you how it was, in pictures?

In a world increasingly alienated from its own roots, an early introduction to the wonders of nature can have a long-lasting positive effect. Toehold invites children and young nature-lovers between 10 and 16 to make that start and experience the great outdoors like never before, on this special Wildlife Photography weekend-Camp for Kids at the BRT Tiger Reserve.


At the confluence of the Eastern and Western Ghats lies the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Tiger Reserve – more popularly known as B.R.Hills – as a melting pot of both ecosystems. Named after the Rangaswamy temple that crowns a whitish rock at the zenith of the sanctuary, this ecological hotspot is a veritable treasure-trove of floral, faunal and cultural affluence, marked by the nature-worshipping Soliga tribe.

A critical wildlife-corridor, the hills, ridges and grasslands of BRT Tiger Reserve support an impressive variety of life in their mystical folds, with over 25 mammalian species in residence. And aided by two full open-jeep safaris into its heart, this special Camp is bound to open your child’s eyes to its untold wonders.

It is in these magical environs that the mysteries of nature will unfurl before your child’s impressionable eyes, while the magic of the forest works its charm. In beholding a diminutive barking deer in glee, regarding a mighty gaur in awe, admiring the elegance of an elephant, counting the colours on a peacock, catching the ultimate glimpse of a regal leopard or tiger, or simply revelling in the sounds of the jungle or the sight of a sunset, your child will open up to the purity of an untamed world.

Serving as a base for exploration of all the verdure is a camp that looks and feels like a vignette from a fairy tale. Located at K.Gudi (short for Khyatadevarayagudi), the site of a Soliga temple thick in the midst of the primeval forest, with little separating the quaint tents from the wilderness, it is an ideal creche for your child to fall in love with nature.

Meanwhile, with ace naturalist and photographer Phillip Ross at the helm of juvenile affairs, your child will be in the best possible hands. With tremendous experience in guiding kids, bottomless wells of energy and a riotous sense of humour as his chief tools, Phillip is bound to keep your child enthralled when the wildlife is not, so they feel at home and are left asking for more!

What your child will take back:

Activities are aplenty and will include wildlife safaris, bird-watching and trekking. Integral to the programme will be hands-on learning on nature conservation, photography, wildlife tracking, stargazing and, not to forget, a whole lot of fun! In specific, your child will enjoy –

  • Three days and four safaris in one of India’s finest tiger habitats
  • A great holiday in the lap of nature
  • A treasure of learning about nature and photography
  • A whale of a time with a friendly, patient and helpful Toehold Skipper
  • A riveting expedition that is sure to have them asking for more