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Bangalore Event: Workshop 2 – Playing with masks by Puja Sarup : “Speaking of Theatre”

18th March 2018

‘Speaking of Theatre’ is a unique 2-day confluence in Bengaluru that will engage theatre makers, performers and audiences through panel discussions, demo-lectures, debates and, of course, performances. Presented by Atta Galatta, the topics of the event will be highly relevant not just to artists but also to audiences – because one can’t exist without the other. Furthermore, the 2 beautiful spaces at Atta Galatta, Koramangala will have programmes happening in tandem – bringing in close to 500 people across 2 days.

Theatre has always been a natural place for artists of different forms to come together and create a compelling experience, both for the artists and the audiences alike. With so many forms of performance oriented art out there, the opportunities to collaborate are immense. We bring together two very talented artists to create a performance exclusively for Speaking of Theatre. Christopher Avinash, an avid musician and actor based out of Bengaluru teams up with Puja Sarup, Mumbai-based actor, clown and mask artist. The combination of mask and music, brought forth by two very talented and energetic performers is sure to ignite great amounts of curiosity. Make sure you are there to witness this one-of a kind performance.