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Bangalore Event: Woodspeak

26th May 2018


Woodspeak is a driftwood art exhibition featuring sculptures created by Subir Chakravorty. Driftwood sculpting is a unique art made by wood that is washed ashore. Subir works with wood shaped by the source rivers of The Ganges – Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. While the pieces of wood are sheared by the ferocity of the river, the final shape is brought to life by Subir. What makes driftwood art unique is the fact that one cannot replicate or make a clone of any sculpture.

There is no entry fee.

About the artist-

Walking along The Ganges on a regular day, a lifeless piece of wood inspired him to pick it up and give it expression. Subir is a self-taught artist. His creations have a long lasting impression due to his distinctive style of maintaining the original shape of wood. He adds fluidity and charm to each sculpture and does not believe in imposing rigidity. Each sculpture is dynamic and everyone has the freedom to delve in vivid imagination and interpretation.

“Driftwood art is unique and Subir Chakravorty has honed his incredible skills in this art form. His love for wildlife and nature find expression in his sculptures”.