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Bangalore Event: The Gerry Martin Project ‎The Otter Trail-Monsoon Survey

25th June 2018

The Gerry Martin Project with experts from a research organization, Wild Otters, has been monitoring movement patterns of the elusive Small-clawed Otters at our field station site for the past few months. With the monsoon in full flow, the stream is gushing and we are keen to explore and learn how the Otters react to this!

You will be involved in camera trapping, spoor collection & assessment, recording various parameters of the stream, on-foot explorations on the arterial streams and much more.

With the rains, there is always a good chance of finding snakes like Bamboo Pit Vipers, Green Vine Snakes, Ornate Flying snakes and more that are around us during our night walks!

Your participation in the program will directly support our study on the little known Asian Small-clawed Otters and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to build your image bank.

Stay will be in gender specific dormitories set on the banks of a perennial stream. Bathrooms are permanent structures with running water. Food is basic with veg and non-veg options.

Slots on this program are limited. Please find the flier attached with this mail containing details on registration.