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Bangalore Event: Story Writing workshop for teens

26th May 2018

Story Writing workshop for teens

Take a day out to ………….
Express…..through words
Explore…. the world of imagination
Engage……To create…stories
Of characters ….. waiting to be found.
to tell their stories
of valor, or
of absurdity,
of mundane routines of adventures, of mysteries or of misfortunes.

We invite you to be part of this adventure and experience the wonderful world of story writing. With words and creativity as your tools, find the Wimpy kids, Alex Riders, Tom Sawyers or Swamis who are waiting for your magic touch.

Better yet, touch the hidden mysteries of your own world and give voice to your experiences of joys, pains, happiness, friendships, breakups, isolation, and togetherness! Create characters that are real or imagined, set them on wild adventures across the seven seas or mountains. Or place them in a village, in a school, or anywhere you want them to be. Tell their stories….
We will explore…write… learn the nuances of story-writing … learn about ourselves and each other……….
Facilitators: Sudha Ravi, Geeta Prabhu, Rema Kumar
The group size is limited to 18, so please register before class.
Aastha Foundation is a Not for Profit Trust committed to creating learning spaces and fostering processes which enable individuals to realize their potential as vibrant and substantive beings.