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Bangalore Event: Small is Big – Theatre, Movement & Expression Workshop @ UB City‎

27th May 2018

Small is Big – Theatre, Movement & Expression Workshop @ UB City‎

Small is big is a theatre based workshop module designed to give the participant an orientation on how a performance is ideated, designed and created.

On August 28th : Kids (8-12 years)
On August 29th : Teens (13-17 years)
On August 30th : Adults(18 years+)

The participants are introduced to various verticals of theatre making like movements , music and visual design and then by the end of the day under the guidance of the facilitators they themselves develop a performance which comes out of the day’s activities. It can be a small skit, a choreography or even a small play.

Physical Activities:.
They are taken through various movements and exercises based on Kalari Payattu and Capoeira which will give them an understanding about one’s body, postures and movements.

They will be given sessions on basic rhythm progressions and how music functions. There will also be drum circles and open jams.

Visual Design:
There will be sessions on basic drawing and working with objects.

Team Activities:
All these activities will be then stream lined into creating a performance together, where the participants will work under one of the above categories in teams and work for the rest of the day.

For all age groups, the process will be the same but the content of the performance would change depending upon the team we are working with. At the end of the day, the participants will have definitely created a performance which they can proudly call their own.


1. A deeper understanding of how one’s body works .
2. An understanding of the creative process which can be applied across domains.How to ideate, design and execute.
3. The team activities will help one sharpen their interpersonal and communicative skills, both verbal and non verbal.
4. An orientation on how a theatre production is made.

All participants are advised to:

1. Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
2. Get any percussion instruments that they can get their hands to.
3. If any of them can draw. sketch and are good at making objects they can bring theirs pens , pencils, colours and tools.

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