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Bangalore Event: Once Upon a Brunch

20th July 2018

Once upon a Brunch

Food has always been an integral part of our history . And has definitely been an integral part of the Indian Independence movement . Listen to some of these stories as you enjoy your Saturday Brunch on this historical date . A beautiful day starts with a lovely breakfast . And a morning with breakfast and stories . Every food we eat has a story to share .. Idli , Vada , bread , Paratha etc . Every breakfast comes after a long break and eager to be eaten .
August 15th being the Independence day, the stories will be woven around the same. The Brunch and the Stories will be suitable for adults and children alike.
Once upon a Brunch is a morning to share stories around food , and not just listening but also hearing them as you enjoy the yummy meal on a late Saturday morning at Atta Galatta .

VIKRAM SRIDHAR is a Performance Storyteller and theatre practitioner who believes in Storytelling as a strong medium for Conservation, which is highly relevant in the modern context. A marketing professional, Vikram combines his work and interest in Theatre and Conservation in his Storytelling. He is the Co-Founder of Tahatto, a Bangalore based Theatre entity and Around The Story Tree is his initiative to connect the modern day listeners to the environment around us through the power of stories through arts.