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Bangalore Event: Modern Maali: The Gardening Workshop

21st June 2018

Modern Maali: The Gardening Workshop

Urban gardening is gaining popularity and has turned a movement in recent years to make connections between who we are, what we eat and how we live. Thanks to inspiring individuals and communities such as Organic Terrace Gardening (OTGs) groups who re-assure our connect to the soil like never before.

Modern Maali: The Gardening Workshop is for beginners who want to be a part of this green movement—it is for the young, the old, working, home-makers, hobbyists, green enthusiasts to anyone who wants to know more about bringing gardens back to the city as My Sunny Balcony (MSB) puts it.

This edition of the Maker Weekend series WP in collaboration with MSB assures short but a practical guide to work with urban limitations of space and yet ignite a plausible way to make urban spaces green and sustainable through a complete hands-on exercise. All materials for the workshop will be provided to ensure participants take home their creative green masterpieces.

Cost: 1200 per head (includes the material you will be taking home)