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Bangalore Event: Mashaal Theatre Group presents Bechara Mara Gaya

26th May 2018

Bechara Mara Gaya is a satire not only the police administration but also at the hypocrisy of the entire socio-political system. This play is set in the northern part of India and the plot revolves around an investigation on the custodial death of a train-bombing suspect. The central character of the play is a ‘Maniac’ or ‘Pagal’ who is a habitual imposter and has been caught by the police several times. The play begins with the ‘Pagal’ in a police chowki being questioned by a sub-inspector. During the conversation, the ‘Pagal’ gets to know about an inquiry commission that has been set up to investigate the custodial death. The ‘Pagal’ manages to fool the sub-inspector and his assistant and escapes, only to re-enter in the guise of the presiding judge of the inquiry. What follows is utter confusion, cases of mistaken identities which almost compel the officers to confess to their crimes. The tongue in cheek humour of the play explores the grave issues of financial and moral corruption present in the administration and the society at large.

Genre: Play (Comedy)

Language: Hindi

Date & Show time: 24th & 25th July at 8:00 PM & 26th July at 3:00 PM & 6:30 PM

Duration: 70 minutes