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Bangalore Event: Kids for Change – Let’s Team Up!!

23rd May 2018

To imagine that your participation in a fun race can help an orphan child get a family for life, should be enough reason to sign up for this event, but, there are many more reasons why you don’t want to miss being a part of this fantastic endeavor!!

Conceived by Powers of 10 ,who brought the Kids for Change Carnival to you last year, this year’s event is being done in coordination with Round Table India and Ladies Circle India!!

60 participants will be signed up in the age range of 4 yrs-13 yrs to run sprints/obstacle course races in conjunction with another adult (parent/mentor). Each child will participate in at least 2 races!!

There will be a ton of free activities for children and their siblings/friends to participate in – from crafts to learning origami to toddler play area to tattoos and so much more!!!

Children will be invited to visit Bangalore’s SOS Village prior to the event to inspire them and truly make them realize the purpose of their participation.

Donations for the event are 1000/- per participant pair (I child and 1 adult) and for those planning to attend to cheer and enjoy the amazing program, it is 500/-. Parents are free.

So join them as a participant or an attendee, because eitherway, your participation is key to ensuring that a child gets the chance to be a part of a family!!

Hurry very few spots left!!