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Bangalore Event: KathaSiyah presents Taramandal @Jagriti Theatre

19th April 2018

KathaSiyah presents Taramandal @Jagriti Theatre

Theatre KathaSiyah presents Taramandal

Language: English, Hindi, Bangla

Duration: 90 mins( with interval of 10 mins)

Playwright: Neel Chaudhuri
Director: Karen D’mello
Ranajit Debnath ,Cathy Laby, Priyanka Dasgupta, Vijay Krishna, Aditya Garg, Pramit Pratim Ghosh, Tony Xavier
Production Team: Animesh Shrivastava, Chetan Paramashivappa
Light Design/Execution : Bharavi / Lekha Naidu
Sound Design: Sunayana Premchander
Costume Design: Sunitha M R
Movement Direction: Pia Bunglowala
Set support: Poornima Sukumar
Presented by: Theatre KathaSiyah
Age limit: 8 years and above

Satyajit Ray’s short story, ‘Patol Babu, Film Star’ tells of a chance opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Patol Babu is about fifty and has lead a decidedly unglamorous life. His one passion, acting, has never really amounted to anything apart from a few theatre performances as a child in his local community group or at school. One day the possibility of a part in a film opens up. Despite it being a walk-on role of a pedestrian, Patol embraces the opportunity with open arms …
Taramandal extends this little story by constructing parallel narratives that set up and mirror Patol Babu– in younger versions of himself or people just like him. The play alternates between the story of Patol Babu in Kolkata and other characters in cities and towns around India. Each vignette outside of Patol’s story is intended to punctuate his life.
All of these stories of failed ambition in the theatre, movies or television culminate in his one single walk of opportunity.