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Bangalore Event: Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium “The Thirty Meter Telescope”

26th May 2018

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium “The Thirty Meter Telescope”

A special lecture entitled “”The Thirty Meter Telescope” by Prof. G C Anupama, Professor, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.

In this context, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore is arranging a three-part lecture series entitled Einstein and Relativity in January, February and March by the renowned astrophysicist Prof. C. V. Vishveshwara. The talks will be non-technical aimed at general audience including undergraduate students. The lecture series provides an overview of the General Theory of Relativity and its impact.

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is a ground based telescope with a collecting area of 650 Sqm. At the heart of the telescope is a 30m diameter primary consisting of 492 segments. Advanced adaptive optics capabilities will allow highly sensitive, diffraction-limited observations over most of the sky. 20 arcmin in diameter field-of-view Nasmyth foci facilitate the deployment of a variety of instruments for wide-field imaging, and/or multi-object spectroscopy.

These capabilities will enable ground breaking advances in a wide range of scientific areas, from the most distant Universe to our own Solar System.

TMT is an international collaboration between the California Institute of Technology, Universities of California, Canada (represented by AURA), Japan (represented by NAOJ), China (represented by NAOC) and India (represented by DST). As a part of its in-kind contribution, India will be providing all the primary mirror control systems hardware, a fraction of

the polished mirror segments, and software for the telescope control system. This talk will provide a brief description of the telescope and science cases, and the various related activities happening in India towards the build of the telescope.

Talk is open to public and entry is free.