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Bangalore Event: I Stand Out In The Crowd 2015

16th August 2018

I Stand Out In The Crowd 2015

The annual SuperKids showcase of talents is back again. I Stand Out In The Crowd – is a unique
platform where SuperKids from 6 months to 6 years show case their Super talents on stage. It is an
amazing spectacle to watch.
I Stand Out In The Crowd has always left the audiences amazed, awestruck and speechless all these
This year also the program promises spectacular performances by SuperKids Children.
Day: Last Weekend of November
As a Parent of a SuperKid, you can also send your child’s nomination for “I Stand Out In The
Crowd 2015”.
SuperKids – Achievement Award are conferred on the day of the program and children will collect the awards from the chief guest.
I Stand Out In The Crowd – is the only program which showcases extraordinary talents of children in
the age of Just Born to 6 Years…and it has left every one speechless from the time of inception.
Almost all the TV Channels, news papers cover this event every year.

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