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Bangalore Event: Heart Over Matter with Arundhati Ghosh

23rd February 2018

Craft a Path, in association with EventsHigh, invites you to Heart over Matter with Arundhati Ghosh, Executive Director of India Foundation for the Arts.

Heart over Matter is a talk series in which invited speakers share their life journey. Arundhati’s life journey has a rich tapestry. She graduated in Economics from Presidency College, Kolkata and is a postgraduate in Management from the 1st batch of MICA. She worked in Marketing & Advertising with companies like Ogilvy and 3M post which she started a company. She received Chevening Gurukul Scholarship for Leadership and Excellence at LSE. She joined India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) as fundraiser in 2001 and assumed office as the Executive Director in 2013.She used to be a dancer; is perhaps still a poet. She is passionate about her field of work – arts management.
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About the format:
The speaker shares her life journey in an informal setting and with a small audience. The sharing is interactive and engaging with the use of visuals and videos. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the participants.