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Bangalore Event: Happy Parenting for Single Parents

19th March 2018

In our Phoenix family, these goals topped most of our single ‘I have to give the best to my child!’ ‘I want to be the best parent!’ ‘I need to do everything right for my child’. As one of our members says, ‘The community knows and does what is best suited for us’. On that note, we are organizing an interactive workshop on parenting for single parents by Mrs. Sadhana Kaikini, president and founder of Buoyancee. Buoyancee has been teaching soft skills for the past 22 years. Mrs. Sadhana has won numerous awards (both at national and state level). She is a soft skill and life skill consultant for many schools, institutions, corporate and clubs. She introduced ‘Activity based life skill training’ in Bangalore in 1992, although it was only in 1996 that the W.H.O made it mandatory for schools to introduce it to their high school students. She is an epitome of positive energy.
Note: As always, we try to adhere to our community policy that you can bring your child with you to every event. We try to keep the kids engaged in activities or play with toys while you attend the workshop. If your child does not want to be alone, you can bring your nanny/help to take care of your child. It would be best to not have kids in the workshop area to avoid disturbing members.

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