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Bangalore Event: Gombe habba

25th May 2018

Gombe habba

The Two dramatic moments for Navaratri 2015 are

Tyagaraja draws a 5 stringed chariot           By Smt Uma Nagraj

Hanuman courts wilful captivity                     By  Smt Deepika Dorai

All days of Navarathri from 13th Oct to 22nd Oct 2015:

Timing: Parallel performances starting 11:30 am4:30pm and 6:30 pm

Aangana is open all 10 days for viewing the artists’ Kolu / Gombe habba

About Rasalok

Smt Deepika Dorai-founder artist at Bimba The Art Ashram- is the third generation artist to practise this rare unique miniature art form now RASALOK. Rasalok Still Theatre – miniature art is inspired and born from Kolu/Gombe Habba. A miniature by itself draws the viewer into the world it depicts and renders it larger than life.