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Bangalore Event: Fun Frolic Fiesta @Bhartiya City

18th March 2018

Fun Frolic Fiesta @Bhartiya City

A two day festival designed to bring fun, adventure, learning, entertainment, hobbies, indulgence, sports and many other things which make the kids and the kid in everyone dance in rain. A bridge between parents and kids, where parents understand what their kids want by observing them experience different sort of activities, and kids get to see their parents have fun with their times’ games and the happiness of nostalgia.

Various fun filled hobbies and activities which are fulfilling as a hobby when you are a kid, and also present a pretty good case for being a career choice for kids who can dare to follow their dreams.

The Education corner helps a family as whole to understand the needs and options available for kids in India and abroad. Now, what is a festival if you don’t get to buy new things for yourself, so we have taken care of that with a shopping street. Of course, kids like to run and cycle and play multiple sports, Fun Frolic Fiesta has answer for all with sports arenas, cycling tracks and open area to run around.

You don’t need to rush home just because you got hungry, food court will make sure that you find everything you want to indulge your taste buds. You can enjoy the performances happening on the mega stage. It’s all happening Under The Open Skies, don’t get scared of Sun or Rain. Come with an open mind to explore the options, you will find something that will interest you, no matter if you are 6 or 60, Fun Frolic Fiesta has a charm and attraction for everyone.