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Bangalore Event: ENAD presents ALEEK ALEKHYA

21st May 2018


What is in a name? Does our name, which we usually do not get to choose or the name we have inherited, really define who we are?

This comedy, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s ‘Importance of being Ernest’, is set in the backdrop of Calcutta in the 1980s. It is about two young gentlemen who fall in love with two beautiful ladies, but has one small problem. They have simply used a fake name to introduce themselves to their sweethearts, due to situational constraints.

As their affairs gets serious this small problem gets blown out of proportion, and they find themselves in real trouble. To make matters worse, there’s an aunt who is fussy about names, especially inherited ones. Imagine her feelings for a person, who was adopted as a baby and has no idea who his ‘real’ parents were, asking her daughter’s hand in marriage.

As fate puts their hearts and names against each other, the young gentlemen must sacrifice one to save the other. What would they choose?

To know that one has to know the end of the story.