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Bangalore Event: “Emoticons- 5 short Mime, gibberish and musical theatre acts”

20th June 2018

“Emoticons- 5 short Mime, gibberish and musical theatre acts”

EMOTICONS – The team EMOTICONS is a bunch of immensely talented artists who are being specialized in Mime and other mute theatre forms. The Pantomime is a very powerful and influential art form that could communicate any message or story effectively without a single word spoken.

Hence we have come up with this series of plays called as ‘EMOTICONS’ which consists of Mime, Gibberish & Musical theatre, which we definitely believe is going to be a treat to our Audience and make their evening memorable.

Language – No language, Mime/Gibber
Genre – Comedy / Drama
About ShadowLights Entertainment: ShadowLights Entertainment is a Theatre & Short movie Productions team formed in Bangalore by a group of theatre Enthusiasts!!

A theatre group ! This feels right – and hence SHADOWLIGHT. We are a mindful, limitless, trouble-seeking, slightly twisted theatre group that is set out to experiment the entire gamut that spreads across the grim and dark SHADOW to the bright scorching LIGHT. We are well on our journey to ‘THERE’ and care two hoots about the destination – but the journey in itself makes ABSOLUTE SENSE.

About the Director :
A Mime & Theater artist – Director & Actor , Resource\Public speaker, Social activist, Event organizer & workshop facilitator.

Inspired by the Charlie Chaplin series as a kid, he was drawn towards theater and performed several Mime shows, street plays, Skits, One Act plays and other forms of theater.

He is taking all efforts to promote the beautiful silent art called the pantomimes which integrates physical body movements, Illusions, human emotions, power of imagination & music.

He has performed\Directed several plays and conducted theatre workshops for the corporate, children, theatre

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