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Bangalore Event: Dhaatu Puppet Theater – Ashtavakra

19th June 2018
Ashtavakra on July 26th Sunday

Synopsis :Story from the Mahabharata , about a little boy who is physically challenged and born in trying circumstances.  He is nurtured by his grandfather Maharshi Uddalaka

 Maharshi Uddalaka has given mankind the Chandogya Upanishad.  Ashtavakra himself grows up to be an extraordinary intellect and has gifted the world with Ashtavakra Geeta.

Dhaatu is a leading puppet theater of India with an International presence. Dhaatu specilises in the Classical Puppet theater of India. Stories of yore transport you to an another land. Experience this incredible, Indian puppet play.  Book in advance so you are not disappointed.

Show timings,

3:30 pm & 6:00 pm