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Bangalore Event: Curious Scientists – Fun with Electrical Circuits

22nd April 2018

Curious Scientists – Fun with Electrical Circuits

Science kits or activities are no doubt fun are they really scientific experiments? A science activity that helps you build a robot, for example, only helps you make something that has already been invented. You would call something a scientific experiment only when your hypothesis or a new idea is being tested – in short when one thinks like a real scientist.
Thinking like a scientist is not very difficult. In fact every child is curious and creative and asks questions and explores the world around them. But if we don’t habituate the scientific thinking in them, allow them to make mistakes and refine their thinking to make it productive, they may lose their natural curiosity and creativity by the time they become adults.

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This one of a kind workshop for 9 – 12 year olds, conducted by the Curiouscity team, aims to awaken the child’s senses to the habit of scientific thinking. The Curiouscity team picks simple topics in the world around us but has the child discover the “Eureka” moments on their own through their teaching methodology. Come have your child be part of the magic of thinking like a scientist!