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Bangalore Event: Creative Parenting Session by Sparkling Mindz

20th May 2018

Creative Parenting Session by Sparkling Mindz

As new challenges emerge in parenting and older ones remain strong parenting calls for a dash of creativity and a dose of out of the box thinking. Creative Parenting by Sparkling Mindz is a session where parents will practice turning problems into opportunities and experience relaxed and joyful parenting. It’s a completely hands-on, experiential session filled with laughter, fun takeaways and lots of reflection.
It is free for all parents of children in the age of 0-16 years.

About Us
Sparkling Mindz ( was founded by Harvard, IIM, ISB alumni with a vision to create innovative learning experiences and make education relevant in the 21st century. We, at Sparkling Mindz, believe that learning should Inspire, Engage and Empower children for life.

We, at Sparkling Mindz, conduct innovative game based after school programs for children of ages 2.5-16 years, we have a Preschool inspired by Reggio-Emilia philosophy as well as several parenting sessions that we offer on a regular basis.